NATRAJ INDIAN RESTAURANT Indian Tandoori Restaurant

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14 okt 2019 om 9:09 Tandoori dishes are excellent with a nice amount of heat. The lamb is always nice and tender.
13 okt 2019 om 18:34 Amazing food, always! Outstanding value for price, too. Strongly recommend
12 okt 2019 om 21:48 Good food and fast delivery!!
11 okt 2019 om 21:30 Last Sunday it took almost 2 hours before I received my food. However, I order often and normally it is delivered within 30 to 45 minutes most of the time. So must have been special circumstances. Food was delicious as always.
11 okt 2019 om 16:02 Good food, good quantity and timely delivery.
10 okt 2019 om 20:37 Butter suprise Perfect!!
10 okt 2019 om 10:56 Geweldig zoals altijd, heerlijk eten, gulle porties, en fijne bezorger.
9 okt 2019 om 21:59 Ordered mild Bombay Aloo but they arrived super spicy, we couldn't eat them. Please pay attention to the order details so such mistakes are avoided.
9 okt 2019 om 19:36 We always order here and we love it. Very tasty and fast delivery.
9 okt 2019 om 9:42 Snelle bezorging en lekker eten
8 okt 2019 om 23:16 Was heel lekker.. Volgende keer bestel ik zeker bij Jullie :)